Pizza Phone System Questions (FAQ)

Getting Started Questions

What are the steps needed to be a PizzaCloud client?

We will send you a welcome package detailing this information but basically here is the process.

  1. Sign estimate
  2. Pay Invoice
  3. Give us the numbers you want ported, POS you will be using, address where the equipment is to be shipped.
  4. Schedule your installation
  5. We answer all your pizza phone system questions

Contact Us 

How long does the process take from when I sign up to when I am up and running?

It takes on average 2 to 4 weeks. You will have the equipment in a week.  The remaining time depends on how quickly your phone carrier releases the number after your port request. Sometimes it is released in a week, other times it may take 3 weeks. Make sure you call to schedule your installation 1 – 2 weeks in advance.
Note that if you are having trouble with your existing system or provider, PizzaCloud will do everything possible to assist you as quickly as possible.  We may be able to take control of your number in minutes and have calls routing to you immediately.  Basically, if you are in trouble now – let us know.

General Questions

Can I keep my own number?

Yes you can keep your existing phone number.

I like my current phones. Can I keep them?

If they are compatible and current IP phones then yes, possibly.  If they are 250 year old multi-line analog phones that have been beat to death already…why would you want to, even if you could?  We provide new high quality phones with superior sound quality and volume.

Will I have down time from when I am leaving my carrier to starting with you?

No.  We coordinate installation and cutover very carefully.  Ideally, we prefer to have the new phones installed and working with a temporary phone number on the new PBX.  This allows everything to be tested – phones, call routing, music/messages on hold etc.  Only then do we snap your number over.

Is your company/phone system PCI Compliant?
How do I make changes to our messages, such as Daily specials?

There is a web browser form where you can change it or you can email us for any of your pizza phone system questions and we will do it for you.

For recorded messages, does it have to be in my voice?

You can record your own messages, hire a company to make up your messages or we are happy to help. Just send us a script of what you want to say and we will record your messages for you.  We have ideas for recorded messages which you may use for script or utilize to get inspired to create your own.

Call Center Questions

Does a call center improve customer service?

The call agents are trained to do just one job; to take each call in a professional, friendly manner.  There aren’t customer distractions because they are in a quiet office which improves their demeanor in dealing with customers.  All calls at your choice can be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.  Customer service is also improved in the restaurant as the employees can concentrate on making the pizza or manning the counter without phone distractions.

How does a call center increase the average ticket?

Focus and training.  The agents are doing one thing – taking phone orders.  Not rushing to get something into or out of the oven, serving customers at the counter, running orders to the curb.  They are only handling the calls.
The agents are trained and supervised to always ask for that upsell.  In-store, at 5 P.M. on Friday with phones ringing and a line at the counter your staff just does not have time to ask callers if they want to add a salad, desert item or appetizer.  But in the call center they always will.

Is employee productivity increased?

Overall restaurant managers see a big improvement in efficiency and productivity because employees don’t have the distraction of the phone ringing off the hook, which is normal for a pizza restaurant. The restaurant runs much smoother and employees are less stressed and happier.  Especially in stores where staff is both making product and answering phones, getting those ringing phones out of the stores can make a surprising difference.

Will a call center work with my POS system?

POS integration is the biggest hurdle to overcome.  Our system has to be able to tell the POS station in front of an agent “this call is from customer John Smith from 123-123-1234 and for store XXXX”, so that the pos system can connect to the correct store and pop the correct customer.
Some POS vendors have worked with us to provide a totally seamless POS/call center integration (ArrowPOS, Thrive).
Some POS vendors have provided an API giving us at least partial integration.
Others have said “Nope – we are just not going to help with that”.
So, this is a moving target.  Please contact us to discuss your POS vendor and needs.

Payment Questions

Do I have to commit to a multi-year contract?

No.  Unless you wish to rent the equipment instead of buying it up front, we do not lock you into any term contract.  We keep our customers the same way you do – by keeping our customers happy.

How do I pay for your services?

It is automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account, which is on file from when you signed with our services.  

For hardware and accessories I buy from you, do I pay the total upfront or have monthly installments?

The vast majority of our customers choose to pay up front for the equipment.  This is the lowest cost option and allows you to NOT be locked into any term contract.
We can split the up front cost into a few payments if needed, or do equipment rental to eliminate all up front cost.