Strategic Business Call Center Service

Below you will find our business call center support partners but this list is not inclusive. Experience coverage, quality assurance and expertise.

Business call center service done right for our customers.

PizzaCloud ensures that your business call center service contributes to an increase in coverage, quality assurance and expertise. The call center is there to help your restaurant ease the stress of all the phone orders. You should see an increase in productivity, upsell on every call and a better cost per order ratio. The calls are also taken from a a professional setting so the customer will not be distracted from background noise.

Consider a call center service part of your team. They are there to help grow your sales and ensure all your orders are being placed properly. Within the call center service, you may receive a minute-by-minute update of any and all issues that may be happening at your location, giving you the ability to make corrections when needed. All calls are recorded providing you the opportunity to listen and see how your call center team is handling your customers. It’s their goal to provide the best customer service experience for all your customers.

Take time after your call center service is implemented to ensure it is running properly. We recommend to make calls with your call center and run many different scenarios by role playing. We don’t recommend that your first day of being familiar with the call center to be your first day of being open.

We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with the call center partners as they are the best in the pizza restaurant industry. We have many years of experience and choosing the right call center will play a vital role in productivity, upsell opportunity and your customer experience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting us.