Business Phone Service Installation

For your business phone service, we can assist you with self-installation or you may choose professional installation.

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Business phone service done right for our customers.

PizzaCloud is a company that wants to make sure that your business phone service is set up properly without any delay. We offer self-installation and professional installation options. With either option, you’ll be set up for inbound calls, outbound calls, call forwarding and any desired pre-answer features.

For self-installation, we recommend to set aside a few hours to complete the installation. It is recommended that if you do select the self-installation option, that you do the installation in a time that we are open so we can guide you through any of your questions. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to set up your business phone system and if desired, you’ll be able to take advantage of our phone call assistance.

Our professional installation partners, allow you to have a complete hands-off approach. Our partners are very experienced and will be able to work with your schedule to install your business phone service. You would just provide the best date and time for the installation and our installation partners will do the rest. We recommend that you remain on site so our installation partners are able to answer and of your questions.

Take time after your new business phone system is installed to run tests to make sure it is running properly. We recommend to make outbound calls, receive incoming calls, leave a voicemail, receive a voicemail, and make sure your prompts are working as desired. We don’t recommend that your first day of being familiar with the phone system to be your first day of being open.  

We are confident that either approach, you’ll be satisfied. We have many years of experience within the set-up phase of the business phone services for pizza restaurants. If you have any questions on if self-installation or professional installation is the best choice for you, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We will help you determine the best approach.