A.I. Order Taking

Perfectly integrated with your Point of Sale system

It’s a simple process

Your “virtual call center”

Like unlimited staff that never calls off,
always polite and friendly
always asks for an upsell.

Customer calls your restaurant

We route the call to our A.I. platform, which pulls customer data (order history, delivery addresses, rewards program points etc) from your POS system.

Digital assistant greets customer as your staff would, asking if they want to repeat previous order, taking new orders, answering questions.

Order is pushed into your POS system exactly as it would from any third party ordering platform.

Why is the PizzaCloud A.I. platform better?

(than the “other guy’s”)

We understand your needs.  Seems like the other guys do not.  Frankly, it seems like most of the other A.I. order taking platforms were created by people who have never used a POS system, never taken an order over the phone, perhaps never eaten a pizza.  They create a system that can…take an order.  slowly.  painfully.  But like any bad “third party ordering platform”, they do it without using customer order history, rewards system points or other info.
And the order appears as a guest order, not tied to the customer’s account.

We understand your needs.  We created a platform that is capable of a natural, more “human” call flow.  By working directly with POS vendors to get more data than is normally available to a third-party ordering platform, we are able to greet your customer the way your staff would.
“Hello Bob.  I see your last order was two large pepperoni on thick crust and a dozen boneless wings with mango habanero sauce.  Would you like to repeat that order?”
“Would you like that delivered to the address on Main street?”

Benefits of a digital assistant

Lower labor cost

You do not have to staff for peak traffic load.  You pay a flat fee per order, and nothing for non-order calls (what are your hours, where are you located).

Higher average ticket

When slammed at busy hours, human staff just does not have time to upsell.  Our digital assistant always upsells, and in an intelligent way.


Fewer mistakes

Your store staff is not rushed and distracted by ringing phones and can focus on making product, working the counter, running curbside pickup orders.


Lower Noise Level

Are your phones at the counter and the counter next to the dining area? How annoying are the constantly ringing phones on a Friday evening? Imagine a store without ringing phones.

Lower "body count" in the store

Real time displays and reports

You can see at a glance how the customers are interacting with the system.

Make the switch to PizzaCloud

If you have any interest in A.I. (Digital Assistant) services, please contact us to discuss.

Make the switch to PizzaCloud

If you have any interest in A.I. ordering services, please contact us to discuss.