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Phone Settings & Business Phone Recording

Tasks you may do frequently, such as record or change a message file for a start-of-call upsell message, closed message, lunch special etc., can be done from any location. You just log in, click media files and add a new file or edit an existing one. You can have the system call you at an extension or any outside number or upload a wav file or MP3. It is recommended to listen to the business phone recording software to review the message to ensure it’s of your satisfaction. When it comes to your messaging, it is recommended to review your message frequently to ensure it’s current.

Changing call flow is a simple drag and drop process. Having a full understanding of each stage in the call flow sequence will make the process seamless. Any lost call is lost revenue so keeping your customer engaged and informed while your staff is getting on the call will improve the customers experience.

Simple reports show how you are doing answering calls – how many came in, speed of answer, how many were lost and how long they waited, etc. The business phone recording software is also a powerful tool to improve conversations through training. In the example below in the last week they had 507 calls come in.  477 were answered with an average delay of 9 seconds. Other important metrics to consider are the duration of the calls. If the normal phone call is 2 minutes, then having 5 minute call average means that it’s taking too long to get an order placed or the customer is being placed on hold after the call is answered. The customer buying process is the first impression of your pizza restaurant. Determining the metrics that are most important to your pizza restaurant and what can be improved upon will help your business thrive. Contact us and we can discuss metrics that you may want to consider in how you evaluate the success of phone conversations.

Technology does not have to be overwhelming. Our team will discuss all the features of your phone system so you have the knowledge and confidence to utilize the software to the fullest. We want our customers be aware of all the capabilities of the phone system and recommend taking advantage of our 1 on 1 training. Don’t hesitate in contacting us today!