Cellular Backup Service

Performs During Outages

Common Reasons Your Current Cellular Backup Service isn’t performing

And we know you can’t afford downtime

We frequently have people tell us that they have cellular backup now – either something they put in, or something put in by their current phone or POS company.  But theirs does not work anywhere near as well as we say our cellular backup works…And they want to know why.

The differences they ask about are usually one of the following:

Their backup only keeps the POS system working (or only keeps the phones working).

When the Internet goes out, POS and phones stop working.  Either they have to wait several minutes for the backup to come up, or in some cases have to call tech support and wait in queue for THEM to bring up the cellular backup. And if it is after hours….

When the Internet comes back up, it may stay on cellular until they call tech support to switch it back.

The Pizza Cloud Cellular Difference

We always install our router so it can protect the POS system, credit cards, web order flow and phones.

Our router is constantly monitoring the primary Internet. Within a few seconds of a failure or congestion it snaps the traffic over to the cellular data modem. It does this so quickly that you do not even drop calls in progress much less have phones lose connection.

It can also make the jump to cellular when the primary Internet is not completely down, but just…”crap”. You know what we mean. When your 60M Internet connection is suddenly doing an impression of a 1995 dial up modem. Congestion, high packet loss, high latency can all trigger our router to jump to cellular.
When the primary Internet comes back up the router waits until it has settled down for a minute or so, then shifts the traffic back.
All automatic…all lightning fast.

Now…are we saying our routers are perfect?

That you will never have a second of downtime? No.

We wish we and our equipment were perfect, but unfortunately equipment can fail. And of course the cellular backup is dependent on the cellular carrier being up.
But the cellular backup hovers around 99.995% uptime. Also, we are dependent on the POS or web order service to be set up properly so web orders will “follow” the router when it jumps to cellular. Let us know what web order service you use and we can give you more details.

Check out Pizza Cloud Cellular Backup Performance During An Outage

See the image below

This is a live shot of one of our routers during an outage. The color change from pink to tan is where is switched to cellular data. We understandt that downtime results in lost revenue, if you have any questions about our cellular backup service, don’t hesitate in contacting us!